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Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries all over the world and if you ever decide to visit it we recommend you to attend any of its amazing festivals that take place all year round. In order to help you with your research we will show you in this article some of the best Sweden festivals you must definitely not miss.


This amazing festival has its roots in paganism and it celebrates the arrival of spring. Furthermore, it is also an event that took on a similar role as Halloween. In Sweden, it is extremely popular and without a doubt a real festivity due to the fact that King Carl XVI Gustaf also celebrates his birthday on the same day. If you attend this show you should expect to see people wearing fancy dresses and a strange collection of vehicles. However, the entire atmosphere is an impressive one and we are sure that you will like it.


Midsummer is definitely another great Sweden festival that, as the name says, takes place in the summertime when the weather is nice and people can spend a wonderful time outdoors.  The spin is quite unique depending on individual traditions and cultures. Communities come together in order to raise maypoles, put beautiful flowers in their hair, and also dance the whole day and night. During this festival, you will listen to lovely country songs and you will have the chance to try the local food, which we have heard that it is absolutely delicious.

Peace and Love

The Peace and Love festival took place for the first time in 1999, and it is designed to celebrate diversity, community, love, and peace at the same time. Peace and Love is actually the biggest annual music festival in Sweden, and it promotes a healthy respect for people’s opinions related to workshops and events. The festival attracts every year not only local talents but big-name stars as well so that all participants can have an amazing time.


Summerburst marks the start of summer and it brings the best dance acts to the Ullevi Stadium, for not more and not less than two days. These two days are heart-pumping electronic music preferred mostly by teenagers. Tiesto and David Guetta are present at this festival nearly every year. Summerburst attracts every year around 24,000 people, and organizers promised that they will actually make the festival even bigger in the following years.

Gothenburg Culture Festival

The Gothenburg Culture Festival takes place in August when the streets of Gothenburg become really crowded with different acts of arts and culture. The massive street party combined with many types of music, make this event an amazing one. There is also a wide array of street food, including Swedish fare tempting visitors. Since there are so many lovely things happening at this festival you will certainly not be bored and you will leave with nice memories. Therefore, we highly recommend all tourists who want to get to know Sweden as a country better, to attend this festival or any of the above.





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