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If you plan a holiday with the entire family then one of the best places to go and have fun is without a doubt Sweden. Here, you can do plenty of amazing things, not to talk about the stunning landscapes that this place offers. In order to help you save some time we will show you in the following some of the best family-friendly activities in Sweden.

Go to the Liseberg Amusement Park

Located in Gothenburg, this wonderful amusement park is actually the biggest of its type in Scandinavia. There are tourists all over the world coming with their families all year round and for most of them, this is not their first visit. Not only this place is excellent for the little ones but you as an adult will also have an excellent time. We recommend you to go for the fastest roller coaster called Helix, try your luck on one of the wheels of fortune, or compete in a pentathlon. No matter what activity you will choose we are sure that you will have lots of fun and the experience at Liseberg Amusement Park will be an unforgettable one.

Don’t Miss the Medieval Week

This is another lovely family-friendly activity which you should go for in case you spend your vacation in Gotland. Not only in the countryside of Gotland but in Visby as well you will have the chance to watch amazing medieval activities such as street theatre, several concerts, lectures, market jousting, craft courses, and many more. The whole event lasts not more and not less than a week, which is definitely plenty of time to enjoy to the fullest what the Medieval Week Show has to offer. Therefore, if you plan a visit to this location in August, then you must take your kids to this festival in order to not only have fun but to also see and learn lots of new and interesting things.

Take the Little Ones to High Chaparral

High Chaparral is actually a cowboy theme park with everything a child needs in order to have an excellent time and also socialize with other children. Adults as well are most welcome to play this game, as long as they bring their jeans and cowboy boots. There are several cowboy-like activities including gold washing, horseback riding, and watching a train robbery. Let your cowboy dreams come to life and spend a memorable day at High Chaparral.


After we made the necessary research to present you this amazing place, we found out that Kolmarden is actually the biggest wildlife park in Scandinavia. It features a large range of animals, around 750 to be more precise. Not only you and the kids will be able to see species from that region but more exotic ones as well such as elephants, giraffes, tigers, and lions. Furthermore, at Kolmarden you can pay to pet dolphins and seals. Adults who are not afraid of heights can try the exciting roller coasters and in order to relax they can spend a few hours at the African Spa & Relax centre.



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