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Once you decide to go on holiday you must make sure you have a list with all the attractions you should visit at your destination. Stockholm is in the top 10 cities to visit due to its amazing things that it has to offer, and that’s why you should also think about visiting it in the near future. We will show you in this article how to have an awesome vacation this city.

Visit the Wonderful Museums

If you are a person who loves art or wants to learn more about the Swedish history then you are in the right place because Stockholm is full of museums of all types. If the vacation is quite short then you will most probably not have enough time to visit all of them and that’s why we will recommend you the most important ones. For example, you must not miss the Vasa Museum, Underground Art Gallery, Fotografiska, ABBA Museum, Arkdes Architecture Museum, Skansen Open-Air Museum, and Spirit Museum. These ones are the most popular museums in the city and extremely appreciated by all tourists.

Enjoy the Amazing Royal Palace

This is a very important attraction of Stockholm that you must certainly not miss. It is located in Gamla Stan, and it welcomes visitors all over the world. Believe it or not, there are not more and not less than 600 rooms. Therefore, you must reserve an entire day for enjoying to the fullest this stunning palace. The building was built in the 1700s and it is nowadays the official residence of Sweden’s King and Queen, and also the government offices. Once you get here you can either choose to walk through the public areas on your own or opt for a guided tour. Highlights of this place include the Queen’s silver throne and the state reception rooms.

Try the Swedish Cuisine

When it comes to Swedish cuisine we can say that it is extremely high in whole grains, omega fats, and protein. If you plan to visit the heart of Scandinavia then you should know that there are several dishes that you need to try. For example, Filmjolk, foraged berries, toast skagen, oat milk latte, herring, Husmanskost, lingonberries, and prinsesstarta. Not only these meals are very delicious but they are also very easy to prepare which means that if you really like them you can prepare them at home as well. Therefore, if you are going on holiday in Stockholm don’t forget to look for some restaurants where you can eat all the above foods. You should also keep in mind that you are a single man you can easily find an escort in Stockholm, see : . She will be your company if this is what you want or she could just accomplish your fantasies. No matter what your plans are an escort will surely make your vacation more enjoyable.

Explore Beyond Stockholm

Those who want to spend some time surrounded by nature must definitely visit the surroundings of this metropolis. Swedish Lapland is absolutely amazing no matter the season. However, in the summertime, you can go hiking and boating as well. You cannot do this in the cold season but you can still enjoy long walks with the entire family and admire the stunning views. A picnic on one of the archipelago islands in the Bay of Bothnia will surely relax you and offer you an opportunity to spend quality time with your dear ones.


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